It's you and me Stefan, ALWAYS!

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"It's you and me, Stefan...ALWAYS"- Elena to Stefan
"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"-Stefan to Elena
"It's Stefan it's ALWAYS GOING TO BE Stefan"!-Elena to Damon
"I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. And then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here, right now."- Stefan to Elena (Than a Kiss! <3)
"Listen to me, it doesn't matter, you are the woman that I love. I love you."-Stefan to Elena
" We're gona get throught this"-Elena to Stefan
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THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE! MAKES ME MAD! BECAUSE DAMON WAS JUST LIKE “OVER A GIRL” LIKE SHE WAS A JUST A GIRL. STEFAN HOWEVER IS HER SOUL MATE AND JUMPS IN AND SAYS “She’s a pretty special girl” You see. Elena is a very special girl to Stefan and is the ONLY girl for Stefan. Damon has been with a million different girls. He always sleeps with someone after he gets mad at Elena. Some people I talk to say “Maybe that’s how he handles things” and they’re right. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT ELENA CAN BE WITH BECAUSE ELENA NEEDS TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WHERE SHE IS THE ONLY GIRL! THE WHOLE TIME STEFAN WAS GONE FOR THE SUMMER HE COULD HAVE SLEPT, KISSED, OR EVEN LOOKED AT ANOTHER GIRL. DID HE? NO. WHY? BECAUSE STELENA IS EPIC, THEIR LOVE CAN NEVER DIE, AND THEY WILL BE ENDGAME! <3 

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