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"It's you and me, Stefan...ALWAYS"- Elena to Stefan
"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"-Stefan to Elena
"It's Stefan it's ALWAYS GOING TO BE Stefan"!-Elena to Damon
"I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. And then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality, right here, right now."- Stefan to Elena (Than a Kiss!)
"Listen to me, it doesn't matter, you are the woman that I love. I love you."-Stefan to Elena
" We're gona get throught this"-Elena to Stefan
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stefan salvatore: loses the love of his life. gets locked in a box under water and spends three months drowning and dying over and over again. gets freed but promptly after gets his brain fried making him forget his entire identity - then the writers make him relive losing his girlfriend. then finally, after he has come to terms with that loss let’s parade that couple around him and in a final twist, they kill him.


Who do you think brought you home last night? Tucked you in safely.

Stelena + 5x18 parallels




Damon just looks like he has indigestion.

Best comment ever!

HAHAHA…That comment!

4x04/5x07 - Requested by anonymous

Stefan + Elena’s neck

[1/10] current celebrity crushes:
↳ paul wesley.

Stefan we’re late for school.

Let’s be later.

Paul Wesley speaks polish.

I told you not to hide